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Saucisson Blue D'Auvergne. €4.20

Our best seller. The sausage with the blue cheese Bleu d'Auvergne. Powerful, but not overpowering. The blue veined cheese gives the sausage a creamy cheese flavour.


Saucisson a l'ail. €4.20

Dry sausage with garlic - A classic sausage with the full taste of garlic. Aromatic and rich in taste.


Saucisson prune et l'armagnac € 4.20

Dry sausage with plum and armagnac -In this sausage you can taste the fresh sweetness of the plum, with the sweet armagnac aftertaste. A deep and rich taste.


Saucisson Courbe Natural. €4.20

The Courbe natural is accessible and classic. A slimmer sausage compared to the standard natural that dries faster and therefore has a more intense flavour.


Saucisson Natural grand. €6.95

The Courbe naturel grand somewhat larger sausage with extra pepper has a slightly softer taste.

Homemade Organic pork loin ham +/- 410 grams € 11.95

Our classic made in the Kitchen Inc kitchens inlaid with herbs and spices delicious with roasted vegetables from the Antonius Hoeve or thinly sliced ​​with drinks


Fuet with figs. €3.95

Natural spanish fuet with figs. Made in Catalonia. The figs give the dry sausage a sweet fruity taste and a little bite.


Chorizo ​​sarta picante € 5.10

This chorizo ​​sausage is ideal for baking and using in dishes such as paella or an omelette. The chorizo ​​is about 200 grams.


Chorizo ​​sarta dulce € 5.10

A softer somewhat sweeter chorizo, The chorizo ​​is about 200 grams.


Spanish Serrano ham € 7.95

Delicious Serrano Ham reserve. Luxuriously packed and full of flavour. Perfect for drinks, as a starter or as a snack. 100 grams.

Catalan venison pate and PX wine € 5.95

This venison pate is an exquisite combination of liver, fresh venison and extra virgin olive oil. Creamy rich pate with a sweet wine touch. Ideal for spreading on crackers or bread. The PX wine is extremely popular in the Netherlands as a dessert wine.


Catalan pate of wild boar and mushrooms € 5.95

Our wild boar and mushroom pate is creamy and intensely flavoured, expertly blended with extra virgin olive oil. It tastes great on thin toast served with raisins or some dried tomatoes.


Catalan Porcini Mushroom Pate € 5.95

This is a delicious pate made from porcini mushrooms and extra virgin olive oil. In the Netherlands we often know Porcini mushrooms as Porcini mushrooms. Ideal to spread on toast, but also to enhance the taste of fresh pasta.


Catalan Pate of Pheasant Truffle € 5.95

This is a delicious pate, made from pheasant and topped with truffle


Terrine de pintade au confit d'oignons € 6.95

Terrine Guinea fowl with candied onions made from pork and guinea fowl mixed with onion confit. A sweet and soft terrine. Spreadable on bread and toast, suitable for drinks.


Foie gras terrine (20%) € 9.95

Our French classic terrine. Some think it resembles rilletes. There are no harmful added odors in our terrines,

Ibērica Chips € 3.75

Thick cut chips, “ask about our flavors from Serrano ham to Truffle a true taste explosion” Craft cooked and 100% Gluten free.


Paleta Curada Serrano € 85,-

Delicious Serrano shoulder ham of 4 to 4.5 kilos. This ham comes in a nice box with standard and special knife.


Jamon Serano Bodega € 135,-

Delicious Serrano ham aged for at least 9 months. This ham comes in a beautiful box with a standard and special knife. This exclusive ham weighs between 6 and 6.5 kilos. Sealed and packed in a nice sleeve. This Spanish ham has been aged for at least 9 months. Full and somewhat sweet in taste.

Exclusive Paleta Jamón de Cebo Ibérico € 185,-

Wonderfully soft with a slightly sweet taste. Packed in a nice box with stand and knife. This very exclusive ham weighs between 4.5 and 5 kilos This Spanish ham has been aged for at least 1 year. Full and somewhat sweet in taste.

Iberian Ham
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