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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Georges Sohet in Ludes

Click on the picture to go to Georges Sohet

So when you go to Reims the Champagne a lot of people will fall for the tourist trap and pay money for a visit in the big champagne houses like Moet, Veuve, Piper Heidsieck etc.larger houses in Champagne operate by appointment Don’t do it, don't be a tourist.

Go to the small champagne makers like Georges Sohet “independent winemaker "more personal and way such better product over all. The people are friendly and try to get a few bottles of Rataffia de Champenoise and of course a few bottles of champagne (in my case cases).

The village

Ludes is located on the northern side of the Montagne de Reims hill.

The Ludes commune has a total surface of 1222 hectares, of which 416 ha forest and 318.5 ha Champagne vineyards, and 619 inhabitants (as of 2012), referred to as Ludéens and Ludéennes.

At home it is way cooler to have a champagne that not every body has isn’t it ?

Places to eat in Reims:

Le Jardin Les Crayères Bib Gourmand

Brasserie Excelsior For that French feeling and a good plateau Fruit de Mer and a Baba au Rhum

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