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The 1 Michelin star speakeasy, enter with a QR code

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When visiting Graphite, you are in for an evening of surprises. Located in a former diamond polishing company, the concept of the restaurant is based on a US prohibition time speakeasy. With a black facade in the Paardenstraat, a small alley just off Rembrandtplein, only the red glow of a scanner for the QR code you get when making your reservation, gives a clue that there is actually something going on there.

Cozy 2 seater booths. Besides the central kitchen in the back, there are separate cooking stations where chefs prepare the various courses. Therefore, wherever you are seated, you always have a “kitchen view”.

As expected, impeccable preparations of ingredients, loads of vegetables, herbs, flowers, fresh flavors, and nice acidity. Overall the dishes have great depth and surprising combinations of flavors.

Oh by the way almost no pictures are to be found of the inside that makes it even more magic.

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