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l’Huîtrerie Régis

Oysters in the city of love Paris

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A one-dish restaurant as fun and unusual as Huîtrerie Régis is rare, so it figures you'd find it in Paris, but only if you're steered there.

A huîtrerie is an oyster bar, and Paris is a town that loves its huîtres; most of them come from not-too-far-away Brittany. That's what you get in this white, clean, pleasantly lighted place: fresh-shucked raw oysters. (Poached shrimp is on the menu as well, but no one goes there for shrimp; it's on the menu, I would guess, for non-oyster eaters who are dragged along by friends.) The oysters are served with appropriate wines: Sancerre, Muscadet, Pouilly-Fumé, Chablis, a couple of rosés and light reds and more. There is real service, real silverware, plenty of ice (and seaweed), dark bread with very good butter and mignonette sauce.

It's a shame it is in the lonely planet luckily not everybody loves oysters to travel for them.

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