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Mc Kittrick Hotel

This is NOT a hotel

Click on the picture to go to the Restaurant

The entrance is guarded by intimidating men with iPads, Gucci suits and oil-slick black shoes. The streets are industrial, almost empty; across the way is a notorious strip club, one of the sign’s Ss flickering in desperation to stay lit. A wind off the Hudson smacks you in the face with less than savory smells. Auspicious beginnings.

One of the burly men finds your reservation on his touch-machine and ushers you and your well-heeled (Jimmy Choo, 'natch) companion into a dark room. As if on cue, the bellhop emerges from an elevator door, previously unseen. He ushers you inside.

Located atop The McKittrick Hotel—site of the immersive theater experience "Sleep No More"—Gallow Green is a beguiling outdoor space overgrown with flowers and vines that offers up views of the Hudson River and the High Line. It's as popular for late-night drinks as it is for weekend brunch; art lovers can fuel up here and then hop around the Chelsea neighborhood afterward.

This is New York

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