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New York street food

Favorite big apple grab-and-go eats

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There are way to many places to put on my site that i like in New York but here are a few must go's

- Jolanda’s Tamales 145th St & Broadway

Just stop whatever stupid thing you’re doing and go to Harlem and buy this lady’s tamales. They are actual, real tamales, like in Mexico. They are better than we deserve.

- The rice noodle rolls

on Elizabeth at Hester “Chinatown"

Even if they are nameless and rather mysterious. Interestingly, there are two carts directly opposite one another - both delicious, both viable options.It'll make you feel like you've stepped into Asia and out of NYC.

- Solber Pupusas

Brooklyn Flea Market at Lafayette Avenue and Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn145th St & Broadway

Husband and wife owners Rafael and Reina Soler-Bermudez ("Solber" is a portmanteau of their last names) have been making the stuffed Salvadoran corn tortillas in their tiny mobile pupuseria for more than 15 years, selling more than 600 on a regular day.

The signature platter comes loaded with two pupusas, tangy curtido, pickled jalapenos, tomato sauce and sour cream.

Served on banana leaves with a tangy slaw, the Salvadoran tamales are also crowd favorites.

- Calexico

Prince Street and Wooster Street

Unlike California, New York isn't renowned for its Mexican food, but the city has stepped up its game in recent years, thanks in large part to Calexico.

What started out as a lone taco cart in SoHo in 2006 -- one of New York's first -- has since grown into a fleet of carts across the city and a handful of brick-and-mortar locations.

- Breakfast cart bagels

Various locations

New York boasts many terrific brick-and-mortar bagel shops, but you won't get a cheaper or more authentic breakfast than a bagel and coffee from a street cart.

Every morning, locals file out of the subway and make a beeline for the nearest silver breakfast cart, whose narrow shelves are stocked high with bagels and pastries of every kind.

Many pre-prepare their bagels for convenience, but most carts will make your bagel to order.

Coffee, usually deli-quality, is served in small blue-and-white Anthora cups that have become as characteristic of New York as yellow cabs and dirty water dogs.

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