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Ora d'Aria

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

honni soit qui mal y pense!

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Close up to the Uffizi this little gem has a well deserved Michelin star. Chef Marco Stabile is a crack this is why you go to a restaurant. Amazing fresh produce, presentation, attention to detail and the flavours that explode in your mouth!!! Loved loved loved! The Chef is interactive and takes great care in what he is serving. A must do when you are in Florence

If you value good food, top notch service and quality experience this restaurant in Florence is an absolute must visit. From the start it is a superb experience, amazing and refined food and service. And such a pleasure to meet the wonderful chef himself. Love all the little service rituals, a wonderful sommelier that helped with the beautiful wines to compliment our meal. Can’t recommend this highly enough....Oh and reserve one of the only 8 tables in the restaurant all overlooking this modern ampfitheater of chef’s

Nice to know people where talking bad about the chef they thought he wouldn’t succeed that’s why he says under the bread "honni soit qui mal y pense” translates in shamed be (the person) who thinks evil of it I can asure you the people who think bad of this gentle giant are dumb and don’t know food.

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