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Only two Michelin stars where is that third star.

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The fine dining restaurant can be found in the elegant Waldorf Astoria Hotel, overlooking the perfectly manicured gardens of the beautiful canal-side building. If you have time arrive early and pop in the Vault Bar for a drink. You guessed it, the bar is a former bank vault and is found on the lower floor of the hotel. It even has the old safety deposit boxes for wall decoration, some of which (rumour has it) are still unopened!

The food is without doubt some of the most exciting, interesting and delicious that we have ever eaten. We always go for the chefs tasting menu-....and one of the best dishes I have ever had 24 hour slow roasted beef short rib picked from bone and then crisped and served under thinly sliced carabineros shrimp with a good kick of heat from roasted bell pepper and ginger, then cooled down by watermelon is a simply sublime plate of food.

My son Tim loved the Mackerel we had the second time we visited

By the way the next door restaurant Goldfinch and chef's Schuttes other place low budget Cafe Cliché are amazing place to go to if you are on a budget.

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